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wormboys Queer collective burrow through the archives for ‘weird’ new video

Leeds group wormboys share a new track with Now Then that blends live performance with archive footage to offer “an absurdist comment on environmental collapse”.

Writing about the video for ‘weird’, Ruth from queer four-piece wormboys told Now Then:

We made the video by combining live footage with historic documentary clips from the British Council film archive. We wanted it to reflect the dark and increasingly confused feel of the song, whilst also serving as an absurdist comment on environmental collapse. The video is our take on humanity’s exploitative attitude towards life on this planet, the foolishness of the British class system, and the destructive impact of capitalism. It's also got some cute rabbits and the possibility of a newt apocalypse. The song itself is about feeling weird – that discomfort is meant to be felt by the listener.

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wormboys are currently recording new material.

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