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We want to spotlight... Darnall

Send us your photos, stories and favourite places and spaces from this under-celebrated part of the city. 

Two faces, in profile, made out of wood, with brightly coloured decoration where the brain would be.

Sculptures in High Hazels Park, Darnall
  • Did you know that one of the people rumoured to have executed King Charles I was from Darnall?
  • Did you know that, at the time of the 2011 census, there were almost as many Muslims (8,595) as Christians (9,357) in Darnall?
  • Did you know that the arches that lead to the main entrance of High Hazels House in Darnall were built of the same stone as the Houses of Parliament?

Darnall has a lot to offer, but it's a part of the city that many of us know little about.

A large house amid trees and behind a neat lawn.

High Hazels House

Gregory Deryckère

Now Then wants to shine a spotlight on parts of the city that are not given the appreciation they deserve, and we are starting with Darnall.

We want to invite you to share your photos and your favourite things about Darnall, to be included in a future article spotlighting this north-eastern area of the city.

Whether you live there, work there or have just paid it a visit, we want to see Darnall through your eyes and share that with our readers, so they can appreciate the nooks and crannies, the public spaces, or the people there that you love.

Send us your photos using this form. You can also nominate your favourite thing about Darnall on the same form.

If you want to share your favourite thing about Darnall without sending a photo, contact us on social media or email me.

We need all responses by 17th September 2023. Help Sheffielders see and appreciate Darnall the way you do.

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