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Village Screen Drive Thru Cinema brings socially-distanced screenings to a car near you

Quirky pop-up cinema experts, The Village Screen, are launching their own drive thru cinema this summer.

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Quirky pop-up cinema experts, The Village Screen, are launching their own 'drive thru' cinema this summer in a series of secret and special locations across Sheffield, Manchester and further afield.

The Village Screen team have been delivering sell-out, intimate and quirky cinematic events for the people of the North and across the UK for the past five years. They've screened films in caves, historical swimming pools, hotels, monasteries, woodland areas and more to boot.

They promise that their Drive Thru Cinema will be just as original, with live music, DJ entertainment, street food and drinks delivered to your car - all whilst following social distancing rules.

Audiences will be able to choose from a number of cult classics, all of which will be screened in the evening using state-of-the-art projection and proper cinema screens.

The Village Screen will be donating a number of free tickets each night to NHS staff, and you'll also be able to thank NHS staff by buying and donating Hero tickets. Dates and tickets to the Drive Thru events will be released soon.

Sign up for more information and first access to tickets via their website.

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