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Celluloid Streams: To intrigue and inspire

A selection of films for week three in isolation.

As week three of isolation begins in earnest, we're back with another selection of films which will hopefully help pass the time and maybe even intrigue and inspire. All available online.

Maiden (12) - BBC iPlayer

Alex Holmes' documentary tells the story of Tracy Edwards and her crew as they compete as the first all-woman team in the Whitbread Round the World Race. Watch trailer here.

Wild Rose (15) - Prime

One of Britain's most talented actors, Jessie Buckley, gives a career best performance as a single mother who dreams of becoming a celebrated country singer. Watch trailer here.

The Breadwinner (12a) - Netflix

Whilst Ireland's answer to Studio Ghibli, Cartoon Saloon, has only released three films so far, they've all been exquisitely crafted works of beauty. Their most challenging film, The Breadwinner, was rewarded with an Oscar nomination. Watch trailer here.

Platform (18) - Netflix

Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia's new film is not for the faint of heart; mixing dystopian science fiction, social commentary and elements of horror. It's a damning indictment of a Western world dominated by greed and selfishness. Watch trailer here.

Cat People (PG) - BBC iPlayer

Jacques Tourneur's classic horror film is renowned for the wonderful cinematography by Nicholas Musuraca. However, this strange, creepy tale definitely delivers on the tension front as well. Watch trailer here.

I Wish (PG) - All 4

Hirokazu Kore-eda is now a household name in the realms of independent cinema thanks to the success of Shoplifters, After the Storm and Our Little Sister. In 2008 he made the wonderful I Wish, which is up there with his best. Watch trailer here.

Straight Up (15) - NOW TV/Sky Cinema

While most rom-coms can be accused of being overly formulaic, that cannot be said for writer and director James Sweeney's feature debut. Overflowing with spiky dialogue, its a film like no other. Watch trailer here.

The Street (15) - Curzon Home Cinema

Zed Nelson's documentary tackles gentrification, community, Brexit and poverty through a four-year focus on Hoxton Street, Hackney. Once the epitome of the East London working-class enclave, its a snapshot of the changes taking place across the capital. Watch trailer here.

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