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Simon Kent: Carving out a niche

Simon Kent is a local artist with a difference. Carving sculptures out of large chunks of wood with his chainsaw, the pieces he creates are raw, emotional and immediate, often depicting the human form but sometimes more abstract than representative. Having experimented with various materials, including clay, concrete, metal and stone, Simon has been focussing on woodwork in the last few years, honing his abilities through commissions, workshops and various exhibitions across the region. Those who attended the Warp Films 10 event at Magna at the end of November may remember Simon's carving of the psychotic, gas-mask clad Richard from Dead Man's Shoes, which greeted people in the foyer. Recently he has also had an exhibition at Pete McKee's Month of Sundays gallery with local photographer Jacqui Bellamy, a collaboration that the pair will continue to explore throughout 2013. With that in mind, keep your eyes peeled for a Bellamy & Kent print issue of Now Then coming your way later this year, made up of photos of Simon's sculptures in unlikely locations across the city. [imagebrowser id=27] )

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