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Sheffield Wheat Experiment looking for new growers

The Sheffield Wheat Experiment is looking for new growers to join the experiment and sow wheat early October this year.

Sheffield Wheat Experiment
Ros Ayres

The Sheffield Wheat Experiment began with the aim of sharing heritage wheat seed with other growers and develop a Sheffield landrace of wheat.

The group are looking to creatively engage with growers and non-growers to increase our understanding of heritage wheat, cereals and other locally grown foods to improve the sustainability of local food growing (including grain-to-plate initiatives), seed-saving, processing, landraces and the diversity, culture and heritage of regional food systems.

Sheffield Wheat Experiment
Ros Ayres

The experiment want to explore whether we can grow cereals that are much more nutritious. Can we become more resilient to the changing climate? Can we re-imagine Sheffield as somewhere with its own local grain economy?

It’s a practical project where people can plant, grow, reap and thresh wheat. There are currently over 200 growers who are part of the experiment and collectively the group have been planting and heritage wheat varieties in their gardens and shared growing spaces.

Sheffield Wheat Experiment
Ros Ayres

Do you want to be part the Sheffield Wheat Experiment?

If you live in Sheffield and want to try growing wheat in your garden from October this year. You can, by joining the experiment as a new grower.

Individuals, families, communities and organisations across Sheffield will have the chance to plant heritage wheat in their gardens, in their yards or on allotments and other shared growing spaces.

What will you need to grow heritage wheat?

You’ll need somewhere to sow the seed (up to 2 square metres).

You don’t need any previous growing experience. The Sheffield Wheat Experiment will help you grow and the seed is free. You’ll sow in the first two weeks of October 2022 and you’ll harvest in July / August 2023.

What will happen at harvest time?

Growers will all come together to hand process the wheat at a wonderful, family-friendly Threshing Day. Most of the grain will be re-sown and some will be turned into flour for community baking sessions, and some will make our very own Growers’ Union beer!

Above all, it's a chance for the people of Sheffield to come together, have fun, learn a little about food and farming and experience growing and processing their own wheat, all six foot tall of it!

Find out more and get involved

To find out more about the Sheffield Wheat Experiment or to sign up to grow, visit or follow the action on Instagram @sheffieldwheatexperiment.

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