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Sheffield Suicide Support: New website launched to help people in crisis

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A charity have launched a new website to help local people experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Sheffield Suicide Support is the creation of Sheffield Flourish and has been in development for a year. The Council and the local NHS trust are supporting the project.

As well as offering help to those with suicidal thoughts, the website will also support people who know someone who might be at risk.

"On average, one person a week dies by suicide in Sheffield," Jo Eckersley, Deputy Managing Director of Sheffield Flourish, told Now Then. "These are our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours."

We've worked hard to list all of the local and national resources

The charity held an event for World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) last year, asking local people for ideas about how to prevent suicide.

"We gathered loads of ideas at the event last year, but one of the themes which came through was the idea for a digital signposting tool," said Eckersley.

"So over the year we got people's ideas and feedback, and a year on we launched the website, once again to mark WSPD."

Sheffield Flourish spent a year building the site. Designers spoke to people who had experienced suicidal thoughts and feelings to make sure the website met their needs. The site also highlights services designed for elderly and young people, as well as people who identify as LGBQT+.

The Lord Mayor launched the site on 10 September with a ceremony at SADACCA.

Suicides in the UK rose by 11.8% in 2018 - the first increase since 2013. Three quarters of UK suicides last year were among men.

We asked Eckersley where local people could find help if they were feeling suicidal.

"Every person is different, so what might help one person might not help another person," she said. "This is one of the reasons we created the Sheffield Suicide Support website.

"We've worked hard to list all of the local and national resources someone in Sheffield can benefit from, so that people can look through the website and find the specific support that'll help them."

You can access Sheffield Suicide Support at any time.

Sam Gregory

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