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SCA secures £200k of funding on behalf of climate movement

Broad group of organisations, led by Sheffield Climate Alliance, aims to support and build 'climate action' in Sheffield City Region.

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Li-An Lim (Unsplash)

A growing partnership of organisations working on climate action in Sheffield City Region will receive almost £200,000 of funding from The National Lottery.

Led by Sheffield Climate Alliance (SCA), the project aims to create a “platform for conversations across many key sectors which could benefit from greater climate understanding, awareness and action,” as well as bringing people and communities into the discussion about what they can do to reduce their carbon footprints.

35 organisations were formally named on the bid to the Lottery – covering areas ranging from food and energy to transport, sustainable business and media – but SCA says it’s passionate about bringing together as many groups and individuals as possible to help build the climate movement.

Announcing the news, Sheffield Climate Alliance said:

Our aim is to test new approaches to talking about the climate crisis, what individuals can do to change their habits, but also – critically – how we can make sure decision makers in our region see the importance of changing how we work and live for common environmental and social benefit – from cleaner air and fresher food to sustainable business, a more responsible media and a fairer society.

We encourage anyone – from passionate individuals and the smallest community groups to the city's largest institutions – to join together on this shared journey.

Sheffield City Council announced a climate emergency in February 2019. It subsequently announced plans for a Clean Air Zone in Sheffield City Centre, as well as a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate, both of which have been delayed until 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak, Cllr Mark Jones told Now Then last month.

“We need more. We need better insulated houses, less energy-intensive modes of transport and heating mechanisms. We need to be less reliant on gas and petrochemicals. It’s going to be a seriously eye-watering endeavour. But we've got to do it,” Cllr Jones said.

Meanwhile, Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis recently published a SCR Renewal Action Plan, a £1.7bn proposal to central government which includes recommendations around “upgrading transport links, funding projects that provide green growth and jobs through retrofitting, building flood defences and helping business decarbonise, reaching net zero emissions ahead of 2040 targets”.

Anyone interested in collaboration and partnership for action on climate change is encouraged to get in touch with SCA.

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