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S1 Artspace reveal possible designs for Park Hill pavilion

One of three proposals by Sheffield architecture students will be built in the grounds of the Grade II-listed building next year.

S1 Artspace have revealed three potential designs for a temporary semi-open air pavilion they plan to build in the landscape around their Park Hill exhibition space next year.

The gallery have invited architecture students from the University of Sheffield to draw up the proposals which each focus on facilitating a different kind of social activity.

Members of the public can explore the designs in person at S1 Artspace or through a 3D virtual tour and their feedback will help steer the final design which the gallery hope to build in 2022.

"While there are similarities that resonate through the three proposals, their structures and purposes are vastly different," Joe Cutts, Interim Curator at S1 Artspace, told Now Then.

"Each pavilion is intended for a different part of the Park Hill grounds, and while they come with their own unique approach, they all attempt to cater for understanding public experiences and providing new viewing points."

The first design is for a hexagon-shaped cafe, which would use sustainable materials including reclaimed boards and timber from recycled pallets.

The second design would create a "flexible community, event and social space", with a retractable tensile roof, a recycled modular structure and space for wall-based art and public displays.

The final design is the most free-form, with a flexible wooden seating structure "where people can sit and enjoy the landscape individually or in groups."

The project has been shaped by lockdown – Cutts says the gallery welcomed the idea of "a semi-open air pavilion in a time of indoor regulation and restriction, allowing for a more informal, free-flowing experience, activity or congregation."

If successful the project could become a regular commission, similar to the long-running series of temporary pavilions at the Serpentine Gallery in London.

Cutts hopes that the spaces, which will be fully accessible to the public, will act as "a catalyst for welcoming new artistic experiences in both audio or visual work."

"We invite you to have your say on your preferred pavilion, as your feedback will help steer a final design that will be developed and constructed at Park Hill in 2022 by Sheffield-based architectural practice OS31."

by Sam Gregory (he/him)

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