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Temporary pavilion planned for Park Hill

The proposed project at S1 Artspace could see a Serpentine-style pavilion built within the grounds of the Sheffield landmark.

Pavilion sketch 2 835x567
S1 Artspace.

Park Hill could become home to a temporary pavilion for artists and events, under new plans put forward by gallery S1 Artspace.

15 masters students from the University of Sheffield's architecture department are working with the gallery to develop a temporary structure that could be used for artistic projects and public events.

Three different proposals will be exhibited at the gallery between 29 July and 28 August as part of a wider public consultation on the project.

The winning design will be built at Park Hill later this year by Sheffield-based architectural practice OS31.

"This collaboration with the Sheffield School of Architecture is the first pavilion commission for Park Hill, and something we hope will become a recurring event within our public programme to support and profile young architects and designers," Louise Hutchinson, Artistic Director of S1 Artspace, told Now Then.

"A temporary pavilion within the grounds of Park Hill presents a host of possibilities for public events and various activities – in addition it will create a space and open invitation for local residents and wider community to use and benefit from."

S1 Artspace hope that the pavilion will become a biannual commission, in collaboration with the University of Sheffield.

The project is similar to a long-running series at the Serpentine Gallery in London, where world-leading architects are invited to design a temporary structure in Hyde Park each year.

In the longer term, S1 Artspace will move from their temporary home in a former car park to a newly-built gallery within Park Hill, with exhibition spaces, archives and artists' studios.

The gallery are also planning an exhibition programme across the landscaped areas around the estate later this year.

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