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Roundabout Sleep Out: Make a real difference

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This November will see youth homeless charity Roundabout host its eighth annual Sleep Out. The aim of the Sleep Out is to raise funds to prevent homelessness from becoming a reality for vulnerable young people in Sheffield.

Roundabout are looking for supporters of the charity to spend a long, cold night on the hard warehouse floor of 92 Burton Road to get an experience of what sleeping rough could be like.

Ben Keegan, Roundabout's CEO, said: "While Sleep Out can't truly replicate what it's like to be lonely, frightened and homeless, it can help make a real difference."

We would love as many people as possible to take part

"We would love as many people as possible to come and take part. The money raised through sponsorship will help us continue with our homeless prevention work, drop-in advice services and our ground-breaking Peer Education programme in schools."

ChianYing Xuan, a student at the University of Sheffield, who participated in Sleep Out in 2018, said: "Taking part in this challenge helped me to gain some much-needed perspective. It's all too easy to lament a leaky tap or a faulty light until you face a night without a warm bed."

From 8pm, there'll be team entertainment and refreshments with speeches from Roundabout representatives, followed by a boomwhacker workshop to get you warmed up before the lights go out at midnight.

If you're up for the challenge, registration for Sleep Out is now open online at and costs £20. Participants are asked to raise a minimum of £150 through sponsorship. The event will take place on Friday 8 November at 92 Burton Road.

Flick Jackson

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