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Reel Steel Weekender: Cult Film Festival

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By the time March rolls around and everyone has thawed out after a seemingly endless winter, it's nice to get back into the swing of things by indulging in a little festival action.

Thankfully if you're a Sheffield dweller you won't have to venture too far to enjoy this particular festival and camping is happily not required. You'll just need to stroll down to the charming surroundings of Abbeydale Picture House and bring with you an enthusiasm for all that is cult - films, that is.

The Reel Steel Cult Weekender Film Festival is, as the name suggests, a weekend-long foray into a thoughtfully-curated selection of some of the best cult classics and it's happening from Friday 15 to Sunday 17 March. The programme features something to pique a variety of interests, with the Action, Horror, Animation and Extreme Asian Cinema genres all represented.

Kicking off the cinematic festivities on the Friday night will be two films celebrating razor-handed dream invader Freddy Krueger, undoubtedly one of the most iconic characters in the horror genre. The Freddy vs Nancy double-bill will comprise Nightmare on Elm Street and Dream Warriors, so hold on to your butts.

Action fans can look forward to a fast-paced adventure romp with Indiana Jones as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom screen back to back on Saturday afternoon. As the sun sets on Saturday evening, proceedings take a decidedly darker turn with dystopian thriller Battle Royale and South Korean neo-noir action flick Oldboy bringing a sharp dose of visceral violence to the Picture House screen.

Two of Studio Ghibli's finest take centre stage for the final day of the festival, with the critically-acclaimed and much-loved Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke providing the perfect, magical fare for a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy.

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