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Project Sandstorm: Chin Stroke Research & Development's New Venture

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Budding entrepreneurs and industry tycoons have been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in nothing less than the future of music. Have you often wondered why no product on the market combines the towering wall-of-sound of late-90s commercial trance with the unrelenting ferocity of a Saharan sandstorm? Get your wallet primed, because Alex Noble of Chin Stroke Research & Development is set to explain Project Sandstorm.

What is Project Sandstorm all about?

Project Sandstorm is a fully-functioning sandstorm detection system that plays Darude's 1999 eurodance hit when wind speed and dust particle density reach dangerous levels. We plan to install the device in the Gobi Desert and make a documentary telling the story of how we got it there.

Is there a serious point behind all this?

The project is a piece of satire that aims to ridicule the paltry attempts at combating climate change through gimmicks, however well-meaning, as well as pushing the Darude 'Sandstorm' meme to its technical and geographical limit.

What do you get for your investment?

We're offering exclusive pre-release downloads of the film, t-shirts, the opportunity to have your name engraved on the sandstorm detector, vials of Gobi Desert sand, fully-operational sandstorm detectors and more.

Is Darude himself aware of all this?

Darude has been notified on Twitter, but as yet we are still awaiting a response. We don't blame him though. He is probably very busy playing gigs and making sure that everyone in the world has definitely heard 'Sandstorm'.

Sam Gregory

At the time of writing, Alex has raised £1,263 of his £5,000 goal. You can invest in Project Sandstorm at

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