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Plans unveiled for new Sheaf Valley cycle route

A consultation is now open on proposals to create a high-quality cycle route between Meersbrook and the city centre – with a potential extension to Totley in the future.

A consultation has opened on plans to create a new cycle route between the city centre and Meersbrook running along the Sheaf Valley.

The proposals for the Sheaf Valley Cycle Route include new segregated cycle lanes, better crossings for bikes at major roads and traffic filtering on some streets to create a quieter and safer route.

The most dramatic intervention will see Little London Road closed to through-traffic under the railway bridge – closing a 'pinch point' that's often congested and unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians.

"It's great to see the plans for a much improved Sheaf Valley Cycle Route connecting the city centre to parts of the south-east of Sheffield," Dexter Johnstone of Cycle Sheffield told Now Then.

398 4 City centre cycle map 1

An overview of the planned Sheaf Valley Cycle Route.

Sheffield City Council.

"This will benefit people who currently cycle, but also making cycling a safer and more attractive transport option will enable more people to start cycling."

If given the go-ahead, the project will be funded by a successful bid to the government's Active Travel Fund, rather than by the Council itself or through Council Tax increases.

Consultations have also opened on plans to create new 'active neighbourhoods' in Crookes and Nether Edge, which aim to reduce congestion and pollution through traffic filtering.

Traffic filtering is where one part of a road is closed to traffic but opened to pedestrians and cyclists, resulting in much lower speeds and an elimination of 'rat running'.

The Sheaf Valley proposals include the experimental closure of Cherry Street to through traffic to make Shoreham Street a quieter cycle route, but the filter would be removed on match days to allow coach access to Bramall Lane.

The whole route is designed to link up with new active travel infrastructure in Castlegate, the city centre, and out to Darnall and Attercliffe.

The current proposals end at Woodseats Road, but the Council say they hope the route can be extended further out of the city if more funding becomes available."

The proposal to filter out motor traffic on Little London Road is a particularly welcome improvement for people both walking and cycling as the railway bridge there feel very unsafe at the moment," said Johnstone.

"It's also good to see there are plans for a further extension out to Totley. The Sheaf Valley route received cross-party endorsement last year and we look forward to work commencing as soon as possible."

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