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Council reveals ambitious walking and cycling improvements for Attercliffe, Sharrow and Darnall

New proposals could make walking and cycling easier, create more green space and speed up journey times for bus users.


How Cemetery Road could look in the future.

Sheffield City Council.

The last in a series of proposals for major walking and cycling improvements across Sheffield have opened for public consultation.

The latest Connecting Sheffield plans would see new cycle lanes, low-traffic neighbourhoods and green spaces created in Sharrow, Attercliffe and Darnall.

The ambitious scheme includes a dedicated cycle route all the way from Sheffield city centre to Attercliffe high street, connecting businesses and communities in the Lower Don Valley.

The new route would also include a spur to Darnall, and could be extended in the future to connect to the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre via Catley Road.


How Attercliffe Road could look under new proposals.

Sheffield City Council.

Proposals for Sharrow include new cycle lanes and more space for pedestrians around the Lansdowne Estate, and the filtering of traffic on some residential roads to create safer and quieter streets with less pollution.

"The changes we are making are necessary for the future of travel in the city, not just for us but for our children", said Julie Grocutt, Cabinet Member for Transport and Development.

"We know it won’t happen overnight, it will be a slow process, but our Connecting Sheffield scheme is making a strong start.”

In Sharrow, preparations will be made for the future creation of a 'school street' outside Porter Croft Primary School, which would see traffic restricted at pick-up and drop-off times to reduce pollution.


The Council plan to replace the underpass at the bottom of London Road with a better surface level crossing.

A new cycle lane and more green space will be created down the length of Cemetery Road, while the underpass to the bottom of the Moor will be replaced with a better surface-level crossing.

Sheffield City Council hopes that the changes will encourage more residents in Sharrow, Broomhall and Nether Edge to walk or cycle into town rather than drive.

All the schemes announced so far will be funded through the government's Transforming Cities Fund, rather than through Council Tax, and must be completed by March 2023 as a condition of funding.

Other plans include a series of new bus lanes in the Lower Don Valley, to speed up journeys between the city centre and neighbourhoods like Tinsley and Darnall.


Proposed new cycle lanes and wildflower meadows outside the Lansdowne Estate.

Sheffield City Council.

“We know that travel by bus is different at the moment because of coronavirus restrictions and safer travel guidance, but public transport is vital to the daily routines of many people, and we want everyone to feel confident to choose to travel by bus and tram in the future", said Cllr Grocutt.

"We know that for people to make greener travel choices we need to make it easier."

Consultations on proposed changes in Tinsley, Kelham Island and the city centre have now closed, and work on these phases of the project could begin this August.

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