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one girl. twelve cups.

Due to there being an unprecedented twelve coffee cups needing to be cleaned in the sink at work, it is understandable that Shannon would be outraged by this intrusion on her Facebook and looking out the window time. Though kitchen duties may be an expected part of her job role, there is no reason why everyone should not reschedule work/client commitments and help out to ensure Shannon's social networking and looking out the window time is not interrupted. From: Shannon To: Staff Subject: Coffee cups Hi There was twelve coffee cups left in the sink this morning. Could everyone please wash their coffee cups after using them. Thanks, Shan From: David Thorne To: Shannon Subject: Re: Coffee cups Morning Shannon, My apologies. Those coffee cups were mine. I am rather busy today so decided to have all of my coffee breaks at the one time this morning rather than taking twelve separate breaks throughout the day. I am currently experiencing severe heart palpitations but also typing at four hundred and seventy words per minute so should be able to knock off early. Regards, David. From: Shannon To: David Thorne Subject: Re: Re: Coffee cups I was not saying they were all your coffee cups I was just saying that I should not have to wash twelve coffee cups when I don't even drink coffee. People should wash their own coffee cups or at least take it in turns to wash them. Shan From: David Thorne To: Shannon Subject: Re: Re: Re: Coffee cups Shannon, You raise a valid and not at all uninteresting point. Perhaps you could construct some kind of chart. A roster system would enable us to work in an environment free of dirty coffee cups and put an end to any confusion regarding who the dirty coffee cup responsibility lies with. David. From: Shannon To: Staff Subject: Kitchen Roster Hi everyone. I have discussed a kitchen roster with David and feel it would be fair if we took it in turns to do the dishes. I have put the roster in the kitchen so everyone can remember. I am Monday morning and Wednesday and Friday afternoon. David is Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning, Lillian is Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon and Thomas is Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning. Thanks, Shan From: David Thorne To: Shannon Subject: Colour coded coffee cup cleaning chart Shannon, I notice that you have colour coded the coffee cup cleaning chart. While I appreciate the creative effort that has gone into this roster, the light salmon colour you have chosen for my name is very effeminate. While I am sure you have not done this on purpose and are not inferring anything, I would appreciate you rectifying this immediately. Would it be possible to swap colours with Thomas as he has quite a nice dusty blue. Thank you, David From: Shannon To: Staff Subject: Updated kitchen roster I have changed David's colour to blue on the kitchen roster. Thomas is now green. Shan From: Thomas To: David Thorne Subject: What the fuck? What the fuck is this email from Shannon? I am not doing a fucking kitchen roster. Was this your idea? From: David Thorne To: Thomas Cc: Shannon Subject: Re: What the fuck? Thomas, do you feel it is fair that Shannon should have to wash everyone's coffee cups? Apparently this morning there were twelve coffee cups in the sink. I was going to schedule a staff board meeting this afternoon to discuss the issue but luckily Shannon has prepared a colour coded coffee cup cleaning chart for us rendering a staff meeting unnecessary. We should all thank Shannon for taking the initiative and creating a system that will empower us to efficiently schedule client meetings and work commitments around our designated coffee cup cleaning duties. If at any stage our rostered coffee cup cleaning commitments coincide with work requirements, we can simply hold the client meeting in the kitchen. We can wash while the clients dry. Today it may only be twelve coffee cups but tomorrow it could be several plates and a spoon and then where would we be? David. From: Thomas To: Shannon Subject: Kitchen stuff Shannon, I do not need a chart telling me when to wash dishes. I am not going to stop in the middle of writing proposals to wash coffee cups. David is being a fuckwit. I only use one coffee cup and I always rinse it out after I use it. If we have clients here and they use coffee cups then it is appreciated that you wash them as part of your job. From: Lillian To: Thomas Subject: Re: Kitchen stuff What's this kitchen roster thing? Did you agree to this? From: David Thorne To: Shannon Subject: Rescheduling coffee cup duties Shannon, can I swap my rostered coffee cup cleaning duty this afternoon for Thursday?I have been busy all day working, not looking at pictures of Johnny Depp on the internet,and not had time to familiarise myself with correct coffee cup cleaning requirements. I am happy to reschedule my meetings tomorrow to undertake a training session on dishwashing detergent location and washcloth procedures with you if you have the time. I feel itwould be quite helpful if prior to the training session you prepared some kind of Powerpoint presentation. Possibly with graphs. Will I need to bring my own rubber gloves or will these be provided? David From: Shannon To: David Thorne Subject: Re: Rescheduling coffee cup duties Whatever. )

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