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Nubiyan Twist at Yellow Arch: Two room party for Now Then gig

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Afrobeat-reggae-jazz extravaganza Nubiyan Twist are launching their new album with a two room all-nighter for Now Then.

The 10-piece ensemble are playing Yellow Arch Studios on 5 April, with guests including local hip-hop MC and Sheffield poet laureate Otis Mensah.

"We've been using our live gigs as a way of composing music," saxophonist Nick Richards told our interviewer Máté Mohos in March. "We try all our ideas out for a live audience."

The band are touring their new album Jungle Run, which they describe as "playing into the hype around improvised jazz, and mixing electronics with jazz."

"This one's definitely been influenced by what's going on in London musically right now," said Joe Henwood, who plays sax baritone. "It's got a real UK dance sound to it, it's a bit like a garage record," added Richards.

As well as Mensah, the night features DJ sets from Vibrations resident Moonmonkey and FroZac's Mr Stag Beetle. Mango Disco's The Empress will be spinning "a celebration of women and queer musicians from West Africa, Trinidad, Bolivia and Brazil" with a set featuring a live congas player.

We want to play the sort of music that a lot of people can relate to

"One thing I've been seeing is that now people of all ages tend to show up," Richards said to Mohos about the group's live shows.

"We want to play the sort of music that a lot of people can relate to," he continued. "These African-inspired tunes move a bunch of folks, and our passion for it is also bringing people in."

"I think there's a nice resurgence of people wanting to see really live music nowadays," added Henwood. "You don't usually see five horns on a stage anymore, so what we're doing is unique in a sense."

Sam Gregory & Máté Mohos

Tickets are available through Party For The People for £15.54.

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