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Network: New music venue making fresh connections

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Network is a brand-new venue taking shape in the rooms above DINA. The space is a collaboration between the much-loved Cambridge Street venture and Music Junkee, an instrument shop and performance space near The Moor. We spoke to DINA founder Deborah Egan to find out more.

Tell us a bit about Network.

Network is a collaboration between Music Junkee music store and DINA Venue. Our ambition is to create a venue space that can support local, national and international talent. With the closure of many of Sheffield's iconic music venues like The Harley and The Boardwalk, Network fills a critical gap in Sheffield's music scene by offering a new and centrally-placed space to platform and host new and proven talent. The venue, which is newly rigged with lighting and a purpose built PA, will host and promote internationally and nationally touring acts, as well as offering opportunities for local talent.

How did the collaboration with Music Junkee come about?

Music Junkee and DINA Venue were close neighbours for a while when Music Junkee was based on Cambridge Street. We formed a good relationship, both being in the same business, and that eventually led to working together.

What kind of shows have you got coming up at Network?

We are programming live touring international and national acts and club night sets. The new PA, lighting and facilities and central position make Network a very attractive location for incoming promoters and musicians.

What's been the main challenge when it comes to refurbishing the upstairs space?

We have refurbished and re-plumbed the toilet facilities, installed a new PA and lighting as well as adapted our staging to create two new areas. We've moved out large furniture, transported a baby grand and a harpsichord, painted the venue and installed a new bar! It's taken three months but the end product is worth it!

And finally... will the rotating dancefloor be making a comeback?

If only. I would certainly be the first to throw my Chaka Khan moves on it! Sadly the very wonderful rotating dance floor will cost a mini fortune to rewind and so for the time being will remain dormant.

Sam Gregory

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Image: Network
by Sam Gregory (he/him)

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