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MUDRA: Yoga & Massage For Body & Mind

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Ben Major is one half of Yoga Nature, alongside his wife Jo, who are also part of Mudra, Sheffield's newest and only collaboration of massage and yoga under one roof. Mudra offers a safe space for the confident yogi and the complete beginner alike, as well as housing the massage expertise of Sheffield Centre for Massage Training.

Ben has over a decade of experience and agreed to enlighten us with his experiences as a yoga practitioner.

How long have you been practising yoga and how has it benefited you?

I began my yoga journey 14 years ago, when I first met my wife Jo, who is also a yoga teacher. Yoga has without doubt helped me on many levels. On the physical level, I now have better posture and have developed greater flexibility and strength. On a mental level, yoga has helped me to be able to stand back and witness my thoughts and actions and become less overly emotive and reactive to situations in my life.

Everyone can benefit from bringing yoga and massage into their lives

Where did the idea for Mudra come from?

Mudra is a collaboration between us at Yoga Nature and the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training. We took a look at the space above Tamper Coffee in Sellers Wheel and we knew immediately that we had to give this a go, as it is a truly lovely space, full of charm. At Mudra, we aim to co-create a unique, vibrant, welcoming and nurturing space founded on strong ethical and ecological principles, hence why we have chosen eco-friendly equipment wherever possible.

Do you believe that yoga and massage can lead to an improved quality of life?

Everyone can benefit from bringing yoga and massage into their lives. At Mudra we really want to make yoga accessible to all and you can find lots of different styles of yoga there, including yoga with a focus on managing stress and on mental health. We also have early morning and lunchtime classes for those working in town. As for massage, it too has multiple benefits, from alleviating pains to improving posture to reducing stress.

What would you say to someone who may be nervous about joining a yoga class or going for a massage?

At Mudra we are all about creating a safe and welcoming environment. Most of our classes are suitable for beginners, our teachers are well trained and can offer you adjustments and alternatives so that you can truly make your practice your own. The same goes for massage. Learning how to give and receive massage is a very beautiful and rewarding thing to do.

There is definitely no need to be nervous. We want our space to become a haven in the city centre where you can let go, relax, be inspired and maybe even make new friends.

How do we find Mudra, how do we sign up for a class and how much does it cost?

Mudra is located in the Sellers Wheel building on Arundel Street and our website is We are also on Facebook.

For yoga, the best way to start is with our New Starter Plan that is £32 for unlimited yoga for one month. That way you get to explore and experience all the different styles of yoga we have to offer. We also have a special plan just for students. For massage training, the best thing to do is head over to the SCMT website at

Words: Jade Knox

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