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Moonshine: Abbeydale Brewery launch iconic beer in cans

On Tuesday 12 May, beloved beer-makers Abbeydale Brewery are set to release their flagship beer, Moonshine, in can form.

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The Covid-19 crisis has seen the Sheffield-based brewery adapt their business significantly to enable them to keep meeting the needs of the many people who love their beer.

Brewery director Dan Baxter says of the release, "Whilst it has always been a long-term ambition of ours to offer Moonshine in small pack, the present crisis has accelerated our plans. Moonshine is a beer which has so many loyal followers, especially in our hometown of Sheffield and so we have responded by moving those plans forward much more quickly, allowing our drinkers the option of consuming our most popular beer from the comfort and safety of their own homes."

The recipe for Moonshine in can is exactly the same as that for the much-loved cask beer, which has consistently accounted for around 50% of Abbeydale Brewery's output.

The brewery has always preferred canning as a method of presenting beer to bottling, as brewery owner Pat Morton explains, "Cans are light proof with less chance of extraneous air leaking in, both of which allow for a much higher quality finished product when compared to bottles. Cans are also lightweight, transport more easily than glass, and recycle well. Properly dealt with, the canned product is an excellent version of the beer."

During the present crisis, Abbeydale Brewery are very mindful of the devastating effect this is having on their pub customers who have been forced to close for the foreseeable future, and so are endeavouring to continue to support the trade via a "pay it forward" initiative, whereby members of the public placing orders of over £40 on their online shop are invited to nominate a pub of their choosing to receive a credit off a future order when they are able to reopen.

Moonshine cans launch on Tuesday 12 May. Pre-order now

by Felicity Jackson (she/her)

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