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Why is everybody talking about CBD (again)?

CBD has been popular for a while, but there’s been a shift that means it’s back to the forefront of people’s minds. We look at why.

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While there are still a lot of misconceptions about CBD, people have understood for some time that it can offer significant health benefits. The chemical, which is found in cannabis but does not make you high, is often inhaled using a vape. Many people are trying it and finding it helps them with a range of health problems from anxiety to chronic pain, and a recent development means more people than ever are starting to embrace CBD.

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Benefits of CBD

Many people report that CBD reduces their anxiety and stress, eases pain, and can even reduce the symptoms of some forms of epilepsy. Studies are ongoing that are assessing CBD as a treatment for everything from Parkinson’s disease and diabetes to schizophrenia and MS, while research has already shown benefits for people with heroin addiction, neuropathy, fibromyalgia and high blood pressure.

Because CBD does not contain the psychoactive chemical from cannabis (THC), people can feel confident that it is safe to use when they need to work, drive or study without the risk of mind-altering effects. And side effects are usually minimal as CBD is well tolerated by most people.

What’s changed?

The information available about CBD is growing exponentially as more people try it out and recommend it to friends and peers and research studies start to build a library of data. CBD is becoming a tried-and-tested remedy for many, and even medical cannabis (containing both THC and CBD) is legal now in the UK (though getting a prescription for it on the NHS is incredibly rare).

Alfa CBD by Alfa Labs

But as well as growing awareness and better research, something else has shifted in the CBD world that is making it more accessible. CBD is gaining significant traction now because of one important thing: price.

Previously CBD was prohibitively expensive, requiring a significant outlay in order to take the recommended daily therapeutic doses but now, due to new advanced manufacturing techniques and increased global demand, the price has significantly reduced and many manufacturers are choosing to pass these substantial savings to their customers.

So what does this mean for you?

These improved CBD prices mean two things:

  1. If you want to try CBD but have been wary because of the initial expense, it is now much less of a risk
  2. If you use CBD on an ongoing basis because you find it benefits you, taking the correct dose in the long-term is suddenly far more affordable

In fact, if you feel that CBD could help you, it means that you can now begin taking the recommended dose from as little as just 20p per day.

Sheffield’s own Alfa Labs have been in the CBD game since 2016 and they’ve given their CBD ranges one of the biggest discounts around. At last, high-quality, UK-manufactured CBD is now available in a range of products and at everyday prices everyone can afford.

If people’s stories of how CBD have helped them, scientific research showing benefits across the board, and considerably reduced prices have convinced you to give CBD a try, Alfa Labs’ entire CBD range is available online and at Mirage Vape Stores throughout Sheffield.

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