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Migration for 6 or 9: A poem written in quarantine

I am a mother of a daughter. I am originally from Ethiopia. I have lived in the UK since January 2014.

by Now Then Sheffield
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Unsplash: Mulugeta Wolde

I'm so grateful for my daughter who is my motivation and a support in every step I make. Even though she is only three, our relationship started long ago.

I was overwhelmed by the situation like everyone else, but I looked for the advantages of the Covid-19 quarantine. Specifically the time I'm spending with my daughter.

I decided to write this piece and I know a lot of people in my situation so that is great motivation.

Migration for 6 or 9

I said it is number 6,

He said, no it is 9.

We both were right but He has power!

Famine! drought! infestation! challenges of my farmer.

Hoping for tomorrow to be better.

Two cousins killing each other

they put between us dark curtains,

Drunk with loathing thoughts

Flame raining, planting bombs as seeds.

My mom trying to listen "Radio German"

She may be killed it is illegal.

My father consumed by terror,

early morning he said "You need to run"

"Go run run run very far"

Committed me to look after my brother.

Mediterranean? Have you counted your victims?

How many update you swallowed?

Young people, old and mothers

Young men groomed in orange coveralls,

Slaughtered for being Christians.

Your wave merged to our blood and tears.

One to another inviting to spurt

Filled me with their curse, on my face spit.

Mediterranean, how brave are you?

Your ocean colour never turns even though they dust you.

Mummy, daddy? Who is better?

Is it you shrinking over a sound of helicopter?

Struggling to see light in hot sunny weather

Raised sadist over 6 or 9 number.

Or is it I? A "survivor" who witnesses all kinds of man savagery?

Playing hide and seek with Serenity.

Hope city, land of hope shade me from horror,

Feed me, shelter me against my terror.

I may be a burden but still I am human!!

Tease me for my curved back?

You have no idea what those shoulders carry.

Remember! I have cousins same blood kill each other,

Remember! Each moment I have something to remember,

Remember! I witnessed the son of God become prey.

I'm a survivor, courageous and full of laughter

Even though my heart sweats salty water.


by Now Then Sheffield

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