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Let’s imagine, for a moment, smoking is an animal. What kind of animal will it be?

Something violent and endangered, I think. A bizarre evolutionary
offshoot, e.g.:

  • an electric eel with venomous fangs and the mane of a lion;
  • a black rhino with the limbs of a newt.

Now, let’s suppose it has taken your tongue in its black lips and pulled
until you’re screaming on the floor, your mouth a bloody mess.

Why? Who knows. Perhaps it needs tongues for its children.

Next, let’s assign the tongue its standard symbolism: speech, language,
the power of expression.

And, let’s not forget, the tongue has a sexual connotation.

When smoking feeds your tongue to its children, how will you react?
What will it be robbing you of?

This is how it feels to work in advertising.

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