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Love Sheffield: Where everyone is a friend

Now more than ever, we are seeing the immense value of the digital realm in helping us to connect with people around us.

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Love Sheffield is a blossoming online community which seeks to make each and every one of its members feel welcome. We chatted to Brian Mosley, founder of the Love Sheffield Network, to find out more.

What is Love Sheffield and how did it get started?

Love Sheffield is a big idea but we started with a single Facebook group to get the vibe right, and as our numbers grow we're launching local community groups to cover every area of Sheffield. We hope to help Sheffield become the most vibrant, connected community of communities on the planet.

What can people expect when they join Love Sheffield?

A personal welcome, and to be treated as an individual and a friend. We have a peaceful, personal space in a closed Facebook group where we celebrate all the best bits of Sheffield and our surrounding countryside by posting our own photographs and videos.

I regularly ask questions which help all of us to gently connect and reflect on our power to improve our lives. We go from here to smaller satellite groups, where we can find small friendship groups and communities around common interests and local areas. The intention is for everyone to find a path to real world connection, in order to create a positive difference together.

How is Love Sheffield responding to the Covid-19 crisis?

Our whole theme is connection and we have a structure which allows all of our friends to discover their small friendship groups and communities in the real world.

We are providing a structure for the myriad mutual aid groups that are springing up around Sheffield, to connect with people who love Sheffield and want to help, or will take inspiration and organise their own mutual aid groups. Ultimately, we're just providing a peaceful space and encouragement for people to look after themselves, their families and to look out for their neighbours.

How can people join Love Sheffield?

Ideally, ask a friend to invite you into the group, or apply here.

by Felicity Jackson (she/her)

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