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LoudsPEAKer: Connecting young people to the Peak District

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Timm Cleasby

Running at Bloc Gallery this month, LoudsPEAKer is a creative project and exhibition connecting young people to the wild and elemental beauty of the Peak District.

Inspired by the landscape and habitats on our doorstep, LoudsPEAKer took students from Outwood Academy City in Sheffield on an inspirational pilgrimage to the top of Kinder Scout, which for all students was their first time experiencing the Dark Peak.

As part of the National Trust People's Landscapes programme, students worked collaboratively with INSTAR to co-produce a collection of unique designs in response to their experience on Kinder Scout and its habitats, which were then embroidered and printed onto one-off fashion items.

Photos by Timm Cleasby of the participants modelling these items, alongside the items themselves, are on display at Bloc Gallery from 6 to 23 November (Mon-Sat, 12-6pm).

LoudsPEAKer is part of the National Trust People's Landscapes project, which celebrates the impact of landscapes on social change on the 200th anniversary year of the Peterloo Massacre, and follows the successful BE KINDER project, led by Jarvis Cocker, Jeremy Deller and INSTAR.

Sam Walby

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Timm Cleasby
by Sam Walby (he/him)

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