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Long Live Niiice: Sheff Local Needs Your Help

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The folks at Niiice Shop need your help!

After a whirlwind year of trading, which has seen Niiice Shop go from online to their first premises, followed by a quick upgrade to a bigger and better spot in The Forum Shops, Ben and his dedicated team have found themselves spinning numerous plates at once while trying to keep afloat. As you can imagine this is no easy task.

If you haven't met Niiice before, they are purveyors of unique and interesting clothing, pins, patches and homewares. Whilst doing right by their many suppliers, they have unfortunately found themselves falling behind on the rent and are now at risk of losing the shop, their stock and their livelihood if they don't get up to date.

So they're asking the good people of Sheffield and further afield to lend them a helping hand. They've got an ace selection of tees on sale and they're available at the very reasonable price of £15, with a 'pay as you feel' option to donate extra towards saving the shop (the £15 just covers the manufacture of the tee). If you don't want to buy a tee but would still like to donate a few pounds to them, then that's also an option. All donations will be incredibly gratefully received.

For more info on how you can get involved, and in the words of Ben himself, check this link.


Facebook: /niiicesheffield

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