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The KLF's Jimmy Cauty brings Estate exhibition to Sheffield

Interactive "dystopian model village experience" features four concrete tower blocks built at 1:24 scale, displayed in a 40-foot shipping container outside Theatre Deli.

ESTATE in Stoke On Trent 2020 10 09 12 15 02

Inside Jimmy Cauty's ESTATE.


An interactive dystopian art exhibition featuring four scale-model concrete tower blocks displayed inside a 40-foot shipping container is coming to Sheffield this August.

Brought to the city by Sheffield Arts Lab in association with L-13, Estate is a work-in-progress touring artwork by Jimmy Cauty, former member of electronic music outfit The KLF, featuring "meticulously crafted derelict interiors - some with lights, toilets and tiny TVs playing looped public information broadcasts."

"One tower block is dedicated to residential and light industrial Live Work Die units, another is a children’s prison, the third a high-rise residential care home, and the last appears to have functioned as a pagan religious centre. They are all empty and no one knows what happened to the inhabitants," the event description reads.

The exhibition has two modes: Lockdown mode, which allows visitors to explore the container themselves with "low level sound and some mist"; and Full English mode, a five-minute sensory experience "ideal for those who have been brutally desensitised by The System."

Estate will be open to the public from 5 to 28 August, Weds-Fri (5-7pm) and Sat-Sun (1-7pm). Attendance is free but visitors must book a 15-minute timeslot in advance.

A public preview will be streamed on Instagram on 4 August at 6pm.

"Sheffield Arts Lab was born out of the chaos from just before and then forever after 23 March 2020. With our underpinning tenets being ‘Art, Humour & Magic’, we are proud to host this, our second collaborative project. Anybody can get invoked; let’s find t’others," Wayne Hoyle of SHLAB told Now Then.

Since seeing success as part of The KLF in the late eighties and early nineties, including six UK top ten hits under various band names and pseudonyms, Cauty is perhaps best known for his subversive artistic installation The Aftermath Dislocation Principle.

ADP is a scale-model landscape equivalent to a square mile in miniature, "looted, destroyed, burnt and... devoid of life." ADP was shown at Banksy's Dismaland art project in 2015 and continues to tour the world.

The KLF famously burnt £1 million in cash – the majority of the money they had earned as a band – as a piece of performance art, which was captured in the film Watch the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid.

ESTATE TB4 stone circle

Miniature 'stone circle', part of Jimmy Cauty's ESTATE.


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