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Jackie Moonbather Creativity in lockdown

Created in a single day this summer, it's no surprise that Jackie Moonbather's new track is imbued with an intimate, cocoon-like atmosphere. We asked Jackie, who moonlights as one of Katie Pham's Moonbathers, how 'Jones On The Phone' came into being.


Jackie Moonbather.

Photo by Miroslav Kiss.

How have you found the experience of creating during lockdown?

At the start it was really flowing. Having nothing to do, nowhere to go. I felt really inspired, like I had just been given infinite time to stay in my room and create. I made a lot of music in those first couple of months. Then it just stopped. I thought I had just run out of inspiration, with no new life experiences outside of these walls, what am I to write about?

That was kind of worrying, but I had to remind myself that it's okay to just be. I don’t have to be making music constantly to be a musician. Creativity comes in waves and I just catch them and ride if I want to, the rest of the time can be spent just floating. That part has been really peaceful. I feel really lucky to love where I live and the people I live with.

The creativity is back now by the way, I’m working on finishing off the projects I started at the beginning of lockdown.

It sounds like you've had quite an up-and-down experience during lockdown. How do you think everything that's happened this year is going to leave its mark on your work in future?

I think the main thing that will feel a lasting effect is live shows. Venues are struggling through this year, some might not make it and if social distancing is here to stay that will really change the way gigs work. As for making the music itself, I don’t think much will change. I’m used to collaborating online with people I’ve never met.

Tell us a bit about 'Jones On The Phone', and Miroslav Kiss's video for it.

'Jones On The Phone' really came out of nowhere. I was working on a Katie Pham & The Moonbathers song when I stumbled upon this really cool synth sound and I was totally sidetracked. Started a blank project and made 'Jones On The Phone'. Within 24 hours of finding that synth I had mixed and mastered the song and sent it off to be released.

A couple of months later me and Miro linked up to shoot a video for it.

We wanted to capture the feeling of isolation and a little of that lockdown stir crazy energy, but also the fun it. Most of all though, we just wanted to make something that looks cool. Same with the song, it just sounds cool to me. I usually find meaning in the things I make afterwards. I can take a step back, look at the finished product and analyse myself. Miro was really the mastermind behind the video. He’s amazing.

You mentioned you've been working on new Moonbathers music - what's it been like being part of a band when you can't play in person?

Yeah, luckily we recorded a bunch of stuff together late last year. So we’ve just been adding touches remotely and keeping in touch in the group chat. We might release some of that soon. You’ll have to ask Katie though.

What music of other people's has got you through the last few months?

I’ve enjoyed just being at home every day, listening to music while cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s been a few people on repeat all year. Lil Uzi Vert, Jaydonclover, Liv.e, Edu Lobo and John Carroll-Kirby have really been soundtracking my lockdown.

What's coming up for you?

I need to finish all these songs I started in lockdown. An EP or something, I’ll hopefully drop that autumn, winter kinda time.

I’m in no rush to get back to the live show. When the time is right, gigs can return to normal, but I don’t want to be responsible for gathering a crowd of people right now. I want people to hug at my shows. Only when it's cool to do so though.

by Sam Gregory (he/him)
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