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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 31: Off the Shelf Festival Special

I am a man of typically British understatement and cynicism. I don't ever use the word 'awesome' unless I am describing a natural wonder. When asked how I am, I'm much more likely to respond "not bad" than "ruddy superb, thanks - how are you?" I'm the person who ticks 'poor to satisfactory' on every box on those customer feedback forms just to make a point. I look around and all I see is mediocrity. But this month, I am confident enough to make an exception, because this is the best Now Then issue ever. No, really. We have teamed up with Sheffield's very own Off The Shelf Literature Festival to bring you an extra special issue, complete with the biggest features to grace our pages yet. Interviews with political activist Tony Benn and Yorkshire poet Simon Armitage rank pretty highly and have had us all grinning from ear to ear for the last few weeks. Our Wordlife section includes poems from Paul Muldoon, Kackie Kay and Kate Fox (a big deal.) Also after brief hiatuses, please welcome back Council Axe and Joao Paulo Simoes of the Filmreel section back into the fray. As if that wasn't enough, local artist Craww returns for his second featured issue. The last one he did for us was my favourite art contribution so far until I saw this one. Utterly stunning work. Always an honour and a pleasure. We've got loads going on in this mag but check the index for more. Don't forget to catch an Off The Shelf event or two this month - our pick of the bunch is on page 26. Take care of yourselves and each other, )

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