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Issue 100!: 100 Not Out

Given that we're supposed to take a break over summer, we weren't sure if we'd be able to pull our fingers out and get this special 100th issue of Now Then together in time, let alone find the money to print it. In truth it came right down to the line, but I'm glad we did, because it's been really fun and actually quite emotional digging through the last 99 issues, reflecting on our wins and our losses. As James, one of the founders of Now Then, attests in his piece on page 8, we've had plenty of both over the last eight years. As a seed tossed hopefully into the grassroots in April 2008, Now Then has grown slowly but surely into something we are all proud of. We knew the soil was rich and fertile, but we were amateur gardeners at best, wielding improvised tools and faithful guesswork. Seasons came and went, and much to our surprise we are still standing. This magazine is written by the people of Sheffield, for the people of Sheffield, so that makes you the fertiliser. You, who made your voice heard through Now Then. You, who picked it up, read it cover to cover, plastered it on your walls, told your friends. You, who submitted your artwork, your band's first EP, your photos, your opinions, your hopes for the city. You, who put your money where your mouth was, going on to become regular clients, independent allies and good friends. It might sound overblown, but without you we might have given up on tending to these branches a long time ago. That said, we know there is still plenty of work to do, and we relish the prospect. We have assembled a dream team line up of past featured artists for this issue, all with links to Sheffield. Elsewhere, we've got a section about Year of Making (p26-31), an extended album reviews section covering our writers' Best of Sheffield selections, interviews with Mark Archer of Altern8 and local net radio station UK Mondo, and more special 100th issue content. As ever, get in touch if you have something to say. Over and out. Our 100th issue mix comes from local homegrown talent, Sniff. )

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