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“I used to run an imaginary café when I was seven”

Dara Voice shares how her dream of running a coffee shop became a reality with The Hop Coffee House in Crookesmoor.

The Hop 2

The Hop Coffee House

Dara Voice

The Hop Coffee House is a plant-based café in Crookesmoor. Located on Crookes Valley Road in the unit that used to be home to Beanies Wholefoods, they're a CBD speciality establishment and they're dog friendly.

We spoke to owner Dara Voice, who shared more about how her dream of running a café became a reality.

My imaginary café was pretty successful, if that isn't super arrogant.

Running a café has always been something that I've wanted to do, but when I left university, life got in the way.

I jumped from job to job, taking information and life lessons from each. Most of my roles were in the public sector. My most recent was working for South Yorkshire Police as their Events and Awards Manager.

I loved this job and worked in the best team. They're still great friends and I learned so much from all of them. I think my managers gave me the confidence to take a leap of faith and follow my pipe dream of opening a café.

We really feel part of the community.

I want people to feel like The Hop is a safe and welcoming place. Life can get really busy and stressful and we're all rushing around so much.

I wanted to create a calm environment where people can take time to slow down, whether that's with friends, their dog or just having a mindful moment to themselves. I love talking to our customers and working with such inspirational people. I am so grateful.

The CBD element we offer is totally optional. It's been a massive part of improving my own wellbeing and I'm keen to share that with the community I care about.

Hop valentines white hot chocolate

My raison d'etre is an oat flat white.

I like to pair my coffee with a cake from Little Town Pantry. Karen makes the best plant-based cakes. My diet might not thank her, but my taste buds do.

We also work with The Suited Baker, who specialise in gluten-free products. Their doughnuts are circles of pure joy.

I love to cook with vegetables.

It's not a secret that I'm plant-based, so I cook things like chilli, curries and home-made pizzas. I get bored quickly and so I try to keep changing things up.

I really love homegrown fruit and veg. I grew my own tomatoes last year. They were tiny – embarrassingly so – but one of those bad boys had more flavour than most of the packs I buy from supermarkets.

If you came round for tea then it'd probably be meatless balls and spaghetti. I don't want to brag but I make a mean beanball.

Sheffield is so varied in terms of places to eat and drink.

I love the city because there’s lots of choice. You can go to a country pub for lunch after a walk in the Peaks and be in the city for cocktails on the same day.

My favourite place for food has got to be Beanies Wholefoods. The Hop is in their old premises and if that makes me incredibly biased, I'll live with that.

VorV in Kelham Island is incredible. Their dishes never disappoint and they make a bangin' whiskey sour. If I could eat there every day, I would.

Dana café in Crookes is my go to breakfast place. Their full vegan breakfast makes for one happy and full vegan. And they are the kindest people, which always makes me fall in love with a place.

Learn more

The Hop runs free monthly wellbeing events with local counsellors and therapists in the community. Find out more about upcoming sessions on Instagram.

The Hop Coffee House
205-207 Crookes Valley Road, S10 1BA

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