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Her on a Hill: Walking in the Wilderness

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There's so much to be gained from experiencing the great outdoors, and when you can enjoy it with a group of like-minded folk who make you feel welcomed and looked after, then the benefits are multiplied. Her on a Hill is a brand new walking company for women and we sat down for a natter with the company's founder Clare, to find out more about this exciting new venture.

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and about how Her On A Hill came to be?

I first got into walking when a friend asked me to go to Nepal with her. That trek changed my life. I'd not really walked before and it was really tough but I came away keen to do more and it soon became my job as well as my hobby. Five years later I was back in Nepal as a guide and have been guiding walking holidays ever since.

What was the motivation behind creating a women-only walking group?

My motivation is to get more women outdoors enjoying the countryside - there are so many health benefits to walking, both physical and mental, and if I can encourage more women to give it a go then that's great. I chose women only as there are so many mixed groups out there and I wanted to offer an alternative so that women have the choice of a mixed group or a women only group.

Is Her On A Hill just for seasoned walkers or are walkers of all levels welcome?

You don't have to be super fit to go walking and I aim to reflect this in the variety of guided day walks and walking holidays on offer. It can be intimidating trying something new, especially if you aren't used to it, so I hope women will be willing to give it a go in a supportive environment where they will get all the advice and encouragement they need.

Are we right in thinking that in addition to walking holidays and guided walks, you also offer navigation courses? Can you tell us a little bit about those?

Yes, I love teaching map reading and compass skills and there are lots of options from beginners' courses to more advanced. I especially like teaching women who have no previous experience or perhaps know the basics. The courses last 1 or 2 days and can give women the skills they need to get out into the hills and discover new routes. I find that everybody is very supportive of each other and the courses make learning to navigate a fun experience - nothing to be daunted by, I promise!

You offer a wonderfully wide range of walks spanning the UK and Ireland and further afield in Europe. Which walks are you most excited about taking people on?

To be honest, I am excited about all of them. This is a new venture which I launched at the end of March and it brings together everything that I love about walking. Each holiday has something different to offer and if I wasn't excited about them I couldn't expect anybody else to be! For the day walks, I am particularly pleased to be working with local women who are experts in their fields, meaning I am able to combine walking with photography, art, literature, bird and tree identification. That all excites me even more as I'm going to be learning and experiencing new things too.

Find out more about Her on a Hill here.

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