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Heavy Bleeding: Archive release from Blood Sport announced

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Heavy Bleeding

A new archive release has been announced from Heavy Bleeding, a collaboration between live coder Heavy Lifting and 'aggro-beat' band Blood Sport.

The group recorded the self-titled album in October 2017, shortly before Blood Sport played their last show.

It's finally being released by Pickled Discs on 27 May, and includes a Blood Sport sample pack for live coding platform TidalCycles.

The label describe the album as "a determined move away from the often aggressive approach of both Heavy Lifting and Blood Sport."

"A shift of instrumentation for Alex and Nick of Blood Sport has created sonic depth, led by fluid jazz-led bass & drums on a bed of electronic rhythms and textures," they said.

The Blood Sport Sample Pack is used in the recording itself by Heavy Lifting, the solo project of composer Lucy Cheesman.

Cheesman is a founder member of SONA and the Yorkshire Sound Women Network, and is a regular performer at Algorave events.

By the end of their run the band's live show consisted of a continuous hour of music, with elements mixed in and out like a DJ set.

Pickled Discs call the album "a strong example of her continually inventive work with unconventional and blistering counter-rhythms and grooves."

Sheffield's Blood Sport, who started in 2011, became known for their exploration of rhythm and their relentless, high-energy live shows.

Although they released several albums including 2016's Axe Laid To The Root, the band were best known for performances in spaces as diverse as The Greystones and The Night Kitchen.

By the end of their run the band's live show consisted of a continuous hour of music, with elements mixed in and out like a DJ set.

They also incorporated electronic and techno influences over time, with drummer Sam Parkin supplementing her kit with a drum machine.

The collaborative group Heavy Bleeding came together for the first AlgoMech festival in 2016, and went on to perform at Supersonic and No Bounds.

Blood Sport's Sam and Alex now form the London-based Hyperstition Duo. Guitarist Nick has stayed in Sheffield and leads collaborative music-making project Feudalism Now!

Sam Gregory

Pickled Discs release Heavy Bleeding on 27 May. It's available now on Bandcamp.

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Heavy Bleeding at No Bounds 2017

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