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Funk Fest 2019: Two-day beer festival at Abbeydale Brewery

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It's time to get funky with Abbeydale Brewery as they prepare to open their doors to the beer-loving masses for Funk Fest 2019.

The weekend-long festival celebrates the wondrous and wacky world of wild and mixed fermentation beers. It showcases Abbeydale's widely-acclaimed Funk Dungeon project, while also featuring releases from a selection of breweries chosen for the exceptional quality of their experimental beers. Breweries making an appearance will include Siren Craft Brewing (Berkshire), Little Earth Project (Suffolk), Wilderness (Wales) and Wide Street (Ireland).

Look forward to perusing and choosing from thirty lines of delicious mixed fermentation beers, including fruited sours, oak aged stouts and a selection of festival-only exclusives and other rare releases.

And for the homebrew fans amongst you, a competition will take place during the Sunday session in which sour beer enthusiasts can win the opportunity to brew their recipe on the Abbeydale kit.

We are hugely looking forward to showcasing how far this project has come

"Over the past few years, our passion for ageing beer with wild yeast and bacteria has continued to grow, just like the number of beers in our Funk Dungeon cellar," said lead brewer Jim Rangeley.

"We are hugely looking forward to showcasing how far this project has come, alongside beers from other great producers of this style. We've stuck mainly to UK breweries (with one beer coming from Ireland) as although there are many Belgian and American breweries who are potentially more famed for this sort of thing, we really wanted to show what our country has to offer."

Funk Fest is set to take place on 7 and 8 September and tickets are available now via Party for the People, priced from £5-7. Ticket price includes entry, a limited edition festival glass, and half a pint of either Abbeydale Moonshine or Heresy lager to reset the palate.

by Felicity Jackson (she/her)

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