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For the Love of Crookes: A Hilltop Hub of Independents

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Sheffield is renowned for the vibrant pockets of independent trade that orbit around its city centre. From Sharrow Vale to Abbeydale Road, Broomhill to Walkley, these pockets are so much a part of what makes Sheffield the lively, welcoming city we all know and love.

Crookes has been flying the flag for independent business for a long time but it feels as if the last few years have seen a real influx of new and innovative traders. Hellen from Small Stuff, Jordan from Whaletown and Thomas from NO NAME told us what they love about Crookes.

"Crookes is turning in to the home of the independent. We're lucky to have such a bustling high street with such a mixture of fantastic independents. There has also been an explosion of environmentally-conscious businesses to visit and buy from too. It's definitely a high street which is thriving.

"I've only been here since February and I'm already loving being on Crookes. I grew up in Crosspool, so it feels like home to me. I'm really looking forward to what the future holds for my little independent shop." Hellen Stirling-Baker, Small Stuff

I love the independent community here

"I picked Crookes because I live here and love the area. I saw potential for a speciality coffee shop as there wasn't one here, and I knew I wanted somewhere to drink so other people must do too.

"I love the independent community here. It feels like no matter what your age or aims, if you put the work in, you can make it happen. A lot of us are found in each other's shops. If I'm not in Whaletown, I'm usually at Small Stuff or Dandelion Cocoa or Two Sheds. Crookes is definitely an up-and-coming suburb." Jordan O'Shea, Whaletown Coffee

"Crookes has always had a great feel for me, so when I was looking to set up NO NAME it was a no-brainer. It's not too far away from other areas like Broomhill and town, so it's not too far for people to get to and also to move on to continue their evening after eating with us.

"We've only been open two years, which in restaurant terms is still new, and over this period we've seen an increase in local business. This is great to see as it makes Crookes more and more appealing, drawing people in and supporting independents. We're proud to be part of it and hopefully will be for years to come." Thomas Samworth, NO NAME

Small Stuff: @smallstuff_uk

Whaletown Coffee: @whaletowncoffeeco

NO NAME: @nonamesheffield

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