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Reading food blogs and following feeds on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram offers a rich feast to feed your food knowledge. These days, wherever you are you can find out all you need at the touch of a button or a swipe of your phone. In Sheffield we are fortunate to have many enthusiastic foodies, writers and bloggers who share their adventures, news and recipes online. This month we want to put the spotlight on some of our favourites, some of whom you may already follow and others who may be new to your list. Instagram is a great place for food inspiration, with your attention immediately drawn to appealing photos, as well as showing you what you could cook for dinner or where’s new in town. Images are a powerful medium and on Instagram you’ll find an abundance of delicious food in technicolor. We’ve been enjoying posts from the likes of The Rising Sun in Ranmoor. They share the beers on the bar, what's on the menu and their special upcoming tasting evenings. The contrast of colour and composition make for enticing photos, giving you a little of the personality of the place. The Real Junk Food project share the breadth of their work, from the Doc/Fest debates to what’s available at their Steeple Corner Cafe (just off City Road), giving you an idea of how much food can be used instead of being thrown away. With Alyssum in Crookesmoor, you can admire their picturesque cake shots, with sumptuous delights including chocolate avocado cake, courgette and walnut, banana, caramel and peanut butter, to name a few. The little touches make all the difference, with everything served on attractive crockery in beautiful surroundings. You can find out what's new on Union Street’s feed, including which food traders will be setting up there each day, from the Taiwanese Shuju Kitchen to the vegan Turning Earth Cafe. Also look out for the passionate foodies of Sheffield. Jordan of Leitchy Creates shares beautiful, vibrant images which will make your mouth water. Many of her dishes are vegetarian or vegan, offering innovative and alternative options from baking to breakfast. You can find the recipes on her blog. Check out Komal’s @nutritionlovingchef Instagram feed. She makes stunning sweet treats and healthy salads, with the majority being vegetarian or vegan. The results include colourful and healthy choices, as well as a bit of indulgence. We recently spotted a lovely looking chocolate hazelnut gateau. To see the work of a true professional, look no further than photographer India Hobson’s well-crafted Instagram account. The skill is clear, using light and symmetry to produce a striking piece of art. She’s done some great work for Picture House Social to show off their cocktails. On Twitter you can find what’s great to eat right now via @FeastAndGlory, aka Clare Tollick. Clare is a strong advocate of local and seasonal food and, because she works at Mr Pickles on Abbeydale Road, she knows a thing or two about meat provenance. Expect to see recipes that make the most of specific meat cuts, as well as ways to enjoy meat-free meals. See more on her blog. Martin Dawes is perhaps best known as a food writer and reviewer for Sheffield Newspapers. Although he has now retired, he continues to share his passion for the Sheffield food scene on Twitter. Check out his blog, Another Helping From Martin Dawes, for stories of his culinary exploits at home and eating out. On social media you can enjoy a generous taster from many local chefs, with a chance to see their craft appealingly photographed. One to take a look at is Chef Rico of the Rutland Arms. He brings flair and sophistication, with dishes ranging from free-range pedigree Berkshire pork chops, mash, mushroom mustard and hoisin to rolled duck leg, confit potatoes, mushroom and liquorice gravy, and ajo blanco. Wow. Darren Goodwin, chef at Losehill House, shares some impressive plates on his Instagram feed. Top-notch cooking is showcased, including poached salmon, nori, lovage vichyssoise, confit purple potatoes, Granny Smith and Herdwick lamb, courgette, peas, tomato and Yorkshire fettle. Masterchef 2016 quarter finalist Chris Hale shares his creations at @AllHaleChris on Instagram with some hunger-inducing experimental creations. This one caught our eye: chocolate & bacon tart with salted caramel, creme fraiche, toffee ice cream & bacon candy. For the headlines of what’s on and where to go in Sheffield, you need to follow Our Favourite Places for their guides. They are a great source of information. Engagingly described and frequently updated, they will keep you in the loop of foodie happenings. Finally, I’ll mention my blog, Nibbly Pig. I’m on Twitter and Instagram, where you’ll find lots of food-related photos and chat. Self-promotion is one of those things that can feel a bit weird, but my writing is inspired by what I have read about and seen online, so sharing and collaboration is key. Don’t forget to use the Now Then Discounts App to make the most of discounts, offers and promotions offered by a wide range of independent cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants across the city. @Nibbly_Pig )

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