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The Street Food Series: Edo Sushi

"We wanted to bring more diversity and some really authentic Japanese flavours to the heart of Sheffield’s growing mix of cultures."
Edo A sushi plaltter

A sushi platter from Edo.

Edo Sushi

For the second piece in our street food series, Beth from Edo Sushi shares their top sushi picks from the menu – and which dishes you should start with if you're new to Japanese food.

Edo Sushi are based at Kommune foodhall and Cutlery Works at Neepsend.

Edo Sushi was born out of the passion and love for Japanese cuisine that two friends shared.

We wanted to bring more diversity and some really authentic Japanese flavours to the heart of Sheffield’s growing mix of cultures.

Our food is a nod to classic sushi traditions whilst also shaping some new, modern takes on combinations, flavours and techniques. It’s so exciting creating food that people love and watching them experience new flavours.

Japanese food isn’t just about the taste; it's about the actual eating experience, the journey of flavours and textures.

Our menu is designed for people trying Japanese food for the first time and those who are looking to enjoy some really special, niche ingredients and dishes.

Top picks on our menu at the moment include varieties of nigiri sushi. To make this type of sushi, fish such as tuna and salmon are thinly sliced and placed on top of seasoned sushi rice.

We also have Inari, seasoned tofu stuffed with sushi rice and boiled prawn on the menu right now. These are full of bold, rich flavours. Plus there’s our mega tasty, best-selling Godzilla roll, which is a combination of prawn katsu, grilled eel, tobiko (flying fish roe), spring onion with kabamayo. It’s a must try!

If you are new to Japanese food...

...we’d recommend starting with something like salmon maki, sushi wrapped in seaweed or salmon avocado ISO rolls, where sushi rice is wrapped around nori seaweed.

These are great places to start to experience the textures and fresh flavours of sushi and you can find out what you like and what will be most exciting to try next.

Once you’ve had sushi from Edo, you’ll know each dish is packed full of impressive fresh flavours.

You can stay up to date by following us on Instagram. We are going to be bringing some new and exciting dishes to life on our menu from our recent trip to Japan.

Also, keep an eye out for the sushi classes we will be hosting at our sister venue, Roku.

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