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Ed Cosens Reverend and the Makers star premieres short film set in Sheffield

Dom Coffey and Emily Barber take leading roles in an epic love story played out across the city, merging music with dance and past with present.

Reverend and the Makers guitarist Ed Cosens has just released Fortunes Favour, his debut solo album. It's accompanied by four music videos that together form a short film of the same name, which premieres today in Now Then.

Directed by Dan Thorburn of Flat Cat Films and choreographed by Emmy Lahouel, the film stars Dom Coffey and Emily Barber as Jack and Amy, two ex-lovers who reminisce about their past before Amy leaves Sheffield for good.

Filmed in locations including Endcliffe Park, Sharrow Vale Road and the Five Weirs Walk, Fortunes Favour uses Lahouel's contemporary dance to heighten the yearning romanticism of Cosens' music.

Cosens told Now Then more about the film:

When it came to thinking about how to visually represent the album I drew upon the idea that as a lot of the songs are in some way semi-autobiographical and tell a story, it would be great to make something that reflects that story element. Also I didn’t just want to make a series of throwaway three-minute videos that didn’t mean anything or have any relation to what the songs are about, so I hit upon the idea of making a short film with a central narrative to link all the videos together.

My original narrative and ideas were then taken on wonderfully by director Dan Thorburn and his amazing team at Flat Cat Films, and really brought to life. The visual world he created and the elements of dance he brought to the finished film I just think are brilliant, and help to tell the story in a really interesting way. Exactly what I wanted.

Ed Cosens
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