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Ed Cosens Fortunes Favour

The Reverend and The Makers co-songwriter and guitarist delivers a solo masterclass of reflective, heartfelt, simplistic and honest storytelling.

Released: 9 April 2021
Fortunes Favour

There’s not an ounce of fat on the inaugural solo album from Ed Cosens, with his 20 years of songwriting experience coalescing perfectly into ten thoughtfully reflective tracks that recall the key moments in his life. There are no layers to peel back in search of meaning here – Ed wears his heart well and truly on his sleeve.

Opener ‘Running On Empty’ is grandiose but in a personal way, describing an outwardly in-control character who inside is anything but, over great guitars and sumptuous strings. Of Ed’s solo breakthrough ‘If’, he says: “The song is a tale between love’s true path and the path which you think you’re destined to follow.” It’s not exactly melancholy but it’s heartfelt nonetheless, with a somewhat lonely Cosens singing: “How can I let my heart break / If I’m breaking it myself?”

‘Madeleine’ is a stand-out. Echoey guitar opens the song with a love-is-the-drug metaphor at its heart. It’s perfect, sad pop with a heart-rending guitar break. With it’s beautiful harmonies and pub piano middle section, ‘On The Run’ has a Beatles-esque intro with a tune and lyric that Paul McCartney would give his left arm for, three minutes of pop perfection.

My album highlight, ‘The Pantomime’, is the most complex offering here, with a deep emotional sincerity in: “The dreams we had didn’t fade for me / The way they did for you – it’s true.”

If you want visual proof of this album’s excellence, you can see the ‘as live’ film version, plus a great cover of Richard Hawley’s ‘You Don’t Miss Your Water (Till Your River Runs Dry)’, on Facebook, recorded with Cosens’ live band at the Abbeydale Picture House. You won’t be disappointed.

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