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Desk.Space: Sheffield-based designer collaborates with new workspace

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On Wednesday 11 December, Desk.Space open the doors to their second space.

The team behind DS2 West Bar have breathed new life into a beautiful old building to create a stylish, modern workspace, and crucially, one which is affordable for freelancers and small business owners.

Desk.Space have collaborated with award-winning furniture designer Ollie Allen on their new flagship location. We chatted to Sheffield-based Ollie to find out more about the project.

What was it like working with the Desk.Space team?

Working with Desk.Space to design and style the interior of their new flagship location has been a brilliant experience. It's always great to work with clients where it feels more like a collaboration with other creative minds rather than just 'let's get some desks together for an office', and the team work really hard to take Desk.Space one step up from the typical everyday office space.

How did you approach the project?

My approach was to provide multi-function and adaptable furniture, allowing the pieces to be moved and rearranged for a specific event or function within the office space. The material choice of birch plywood gives a sophisticated, modern feel and the powder coated steel legs bring flashes of colour to the spaces.

Was there a particular idea underpinning the design process?

The idea I focused on when designing and making the furniture was ultimately to create a contemporary and modern workspace with elements which you'd love to have within your home.

Did Desk.Space have any special requirements for the furniture?

The furniture can be fully disassembled and rebuilt if the time comes to move locations and this was important for Desk.Space as they evolve as a brand and played a large factor in the design of the furniture. Hot desk wall-mounted units allow for extra spaces and can be neatly folded away to keep the feeling of space within the co-working area when not needed.

Are we right in thinking you've created a 'family of furniture'?

I created a family of furniture which all has the same characteristics, using the same steel tubular legs with timber feet, with custom-sized desk tops to suit the function as a desk, meeting room table, bench or stool.

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