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Delicious Clam call for contributions as cult New Year's Eve event returns

Previous performances at Clams in Their Eyes include takes on Whitney Houston, Elton John and David Bowie.

Clams In Their Eyes

A previous edition of Clams in Their Eyes.

Laura Merrill.

DIY music collective Delicious Clam have put out a call for entries for the return of their celebrated New Year's Eve party, Clams in Their Eyes.

Loosely based on the long-running ITV gameshow Stars in Their Eyes, the night sees local bands and artists impersonating pop stars, all while vying for audience votes.

After previous events at the Picture House Social and the Delicious Clam space itself, the show is moving to the Theatre Deli and stepping up the production. The deadline for entries is 30 November.

"Clams in Their Eyes is billed as Sheffield's best New Year's Eve event in the world, and it's exactly what it says on the tin," Ed Crisp of Delicious Clam told Now Then.

"It's an all-out entertainment extravaganza, fusing live music, performance art, comedy, and wrestling."

The event started in 2017 and has quickly become one of Sheffield's most sought-after New Year parties, with tickets once selling out in under ten minutes.

Contestants are invited to record videos to introduce themselves to the crowd, which Crisp says have been "funny, strange, bleak, or anything in between."

As in previous years, the night will be hosted by the unpredictable Matthew Clammy – one event even saw him bottle a stage invader posing as a lawyer.

As well as singing this year's show promises fight scenes, skits and fake adverts, alongside a full production job with lighting and extravagant costumes for each performer.

"In the past we've had stars such as David Bowie, Cher, Shania Twain, Robbie Williams, Whitney Houston, Elton John, and the Go Compare guy, so we invite entries from anyone to be any famous performer or musical legend," said Crisp.

"Variety is key to the night, but there's no denying that a big tune and an all-out performance make for a winner."

Local gallery curator and old cinema enthusiast Mark Riddington came a close second in 2018, with his depiction of Talking Heads frontman David Byrne.

“I was on first and was bricking it, but as soon as I stepped on that stage the rush was incredible, and the crowd carried me through," said Mark.

"It was the best New Year's Eve of my life. The only thing missing was that damn trophy..."

by Sam Gregory (he/him)
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