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Cubana: Live music, DJs & dancing

by Now Then Sheffield
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Cubana's vibrant atmosphere and colourful decor make it the perfect local spot to enjoy live music, DJs and dancing with a truly authentic Cuban vibe.

On Friday and Saturday nights in the downstairs lounge bar, you'll find live music spanning funk, soul, blues and jazz, and DJs bringing you the best rhythms this side of Hillsborough. With guest DJ sets from 10pm, Viva Salsa is the place to be on Fridays if you're a salsa fan, while Brasilica on Saturdays fuses funky Brazilian and Afro-Cuban rhythms for a mix-up of latin sounds.

Meanwhile in the upstairs live music and cocktail lounge, take in early evening and late night music from quality musicians and vocalists. Come and chill out to sax, latin, jazz and bossa nova while indulging in Cubana's extensive menu of tapas dishes and sipping a cocktail or two. And if you're a rum fan, feast your eyes on the vast selection held within The Rum Collection, which has recently expanded to include 250 varieties.

Sunday afternoons are all about tango and depending on your dancing prowess, you can join in with the beginners, improvers or social dances for only £5 per class or £8 for two. The focus is on fun and inclusivity, and it's a great place to make new friends.

The dance theme continues on Sunday nights at Barrio Latino, where you'll find a mix of pre-latin and African rhythms downstairs from 9pm to 1am, and salsa classes for dancers of all levels upstairs from 6:30pm to 9:15pm.

What are you waiting for? Dust off those dancing shoes.

Find out what's coming up at Cubana here.

Flick Jackson

737 picture2 1572262655
by Now Then Sheffield

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