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Leadmill puts out a call for local organisations to co-produce upcoming event series for young people.

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There’s no doubt that the last 11 months have been turbulent times, and for the events industry whose raison d’etre is filling spaces with music lovers, revellers and audiences, the challenges brought by the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns and social distancing measures have been felt acutely.

As Sheffield’s longest-running music venue, The Leadmill has a special place in the hearts and minds of many, and this year sees it celebrate a phenomenal 41 years as our city’s foremost creative hub – a milestone which no doubt feels all the more worthy of celebration, given the circumstances.

But despite the obvious difficulties of the past year, the folks at The Leadmill have worked tirelessly to reimagine their work and events for our new reality. When the physical realm was replaced by the digital, virtually overnight, the team rallied to raise funds to support their staff and freelancers through a time of financial uncertainty, running a memorabilia auction that raised thousands of pounds and included a custom-made guitar signed by none other than the Arctic Monkeys, as well as hosting a series of live-streamed events that encouraged donations from music fans.

The pandemic has undoubtedly highlighted the benefits of collaboration and, for The Leadmill, this has seen them working closely with Eventcover, an organisation that provides crew staff to arenas and other venues. Together, they have been facilitating free online safeguarding training for events' staff. Once restrictions are sufficiently lifted, they will also be offering in-person training on technical theatre production. Both qualifications are necessary to be employed by Eventcover so they’ll help staff to hit the ground running when venues re-open.

They’ve also filled their studio spaces and are now housing 10 independent businesses including a tattooist, vintage boutique, visual artist and photographer. And all being well, on Sunday 11 April, The Leadmill will return to its creative roots as it hosts the Makers Mill with Laura Faulkner from Running with Scissors, Becky from Oaklea Crafts, and Helen Moyes Designs. Expect a cosy Sunday with nice beverages and good music. And people, real-life people.

In very recent news, the venue was successful in applying to the Arts Council’s project fund for grassroots music venues. The project aims to give young people access to experiences they may not have had before and will feature a series of 10 events to be produced in collaboration with artists, promoters and agents.

But most importantly, The Leadmill wants to connect with Sheffield-based organisations to co-produce the event series and put together a programme that actively welcomes and supports young people who want to come to the venue, breaking down any barriers to attending events. Tickets For Good are already on board, along with Under the Stars, the Migration Matters Festival, Chilypep and SaYiT.

So, if you’re involved with a local charity, social enterprise or business and are interested in working with The Leadmill to create events for young service users, get in touch now with Rose Wilcox at

by Felicity Jackson (she/her)
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