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Beyond Albedo Jazz rockers from outer space do the Doppler Bop in new video

Interstellar quartet Beyond Albedo fuse dance, jazz and improv to create a sound brimming with funk and skronk. They've shared a video for new track 'Doppler Bop' with us, filmed by the aliens themselves on a recent visitation to lockdown Sheffield.

Writing about the new track, which was produced by Sam Hobbs with support from Jazz North, Beyond Albedo say:

In our first video, 'Arrival', we landed on Earth and started to learn about your strange customs and eating habits! In our new single, 'Doppler Bop', we learn how to dance (or, at least, we try...). The track was produced by Sam Hobbs, mastered by Chris Sharkey, and supported by Jazz North. It's fun, energetic and infectious with funky guitar/sax lines, sinister synth solos, and explosive drumming. We hope you enjoy it, and if you feel compelled to dance - then send us your videos and we'll publish them on our social media!

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