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Andro & Eve offer Gender Awareness Training

Invaluable online workshop will "pass on knowledge and best practice" to anyone who wants to understand trans issues, intersectionality and the law.

A person holding up a whiteboard that reads "Hello my pronouns are" in rainbow colours
Sharon McCutcheon

For anyone unsure about how to understand gender in a contemporary way, including trans rights, queer cultural organisation Andro & Eve is running a Gender Awareness Training session on 8 February, aimed particularly at freelancers, individuals and smaller organisations.

Designed to “pass on knowledge and best practice enabling your team to better serve and meet the needs of clients, customers and service users of all genders”, the Gender Awareness Training will be especially of interest to anyone wanting to improve their understanding of trans identities.

Perhaps you are conscious that you don’t know the best language to use when talking about trans people, or you are unsure about what is going on regarding trans rights in the UK. You want to understand how best to serve your customers or your community but you’re scared of slipping up and getting it wrong.

The Andro & Eve training is run by people who are experts in gender and trans rights, so they are perfectly positioned to advise you on best practice, share case studies and look at topics as diverse as language, intersectionality, non-binary identities, gender in a global context, feminism, LGBTQ+ history, transgender health and equality and the law.

A previous attendee described their experience of attending: “A really valuable session - it covers the legal and practical aspects (and flaws!) and discusses ways forward. It encourages empathy and reflection. Really well facilitated.”

The training takes place online for two and a half hours and places are limited to 16. Prices start at £42 and you can find out more, including how to book, on the Andro & Eve website.

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