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Abtisam Mohamed “Deeply inspired by the strength of support”: New candidate for Sheffield Central Labour Party announced

Abtisam Mohamed has been selected to be the next Labour candidate for Sheffield Central in the General Election.

A woman standing in front of a view of Sheffield

Abtisam Mohamed is hoping to be Sheffield Central's next Labour MP

Abtisam Mohamed has been selected to stand for the Labour Party in Sheffield Central at the next election. Already a councillor for Firth Park in the city, Mohamed won the selection with over 50% of the votes of Sheffield Central Labour members yesterday.

Abtisam was the preferred candidate of current MP in the seat, Paul Blomfield, who tweeted this morning that Abtisam “will be a brilliant MP”.

On his website, Blomfield said,

I’m pleased to start the week with a successor in place as the Labour candidate for Sheffield Central and was delighted to congratulate Abtisam Mohamed who won a strong mandate from our members at yesterday’s selection meeting. I pay tribute to all the candidates at every stage of the process who contested the election so positively – and particularly to Eddie, Rizwana and Jayne who were shortlisted for the final stage. I’ll be catching up with Abtisam over the next few days to plan how we work together through to the election – whenever it comes over the next couple of years.

Paul Blomfield

The other three candidates for the seat have also expressed their support for Abtisam Mohamed.

Eddie Izzard, who came second in the vote, congratulated Abtisam on her victory and “look(s) forward to campaigning with her in the months and years to come”

She went on, “I took a risk in standing but I don’t regret it. Sheffield is a city that I love. It was before, and it always will be, close to my heart.

“Thank you, #Sheffield.”

Rizwana Lala came third in the vote. She tweeted that she was “so proud of the campaign we ran. It was amazing to mobilise so many people in Sheffield who care about arts, health, education and a just green transition for our wonderful city.”

She went on to congratulate Abtisam, saying “I look forward to campaigning with you”.

Jayne Dunn came fourth and also tweeted her support for Abtisam Mohamed’s victory, sharing her wish for "a Labour government that delivers for our community".

Journalist Michael Crick reports that there were 433 votes cast for Abtisam Mohamed, 175 for Eddie Izzard, 173 for Rizwana Lala and 64 for Jayne Dunn.

Abtisam said this morning that she was “feeling deeply inspired by the strength of support” she had received.

She went on to say, “I want to reassure everyone in Sheffield Central that I will always use my voice to speak up for you, demand better and fight for a fairer, greener future” as the news of her success was “just starting to sink in”.

She also took the time to comment on the “huge amounts of abuse, racism or transphobia" the candidates had faced throughout the campaign, pointing out that while it had been “difficult to sift through”, the candidates themselves had run “positive campaigns”.

Given Paul Blomfield’s 27,000 majority in the last General Election, it is highly likely that Abtisam Mohamed will be Sheffield Central’s next Member of Parliament. This majority was, in part, why competition for the selection was so intense, and Abtisam’s hard-fought campaign will stand her in good stead for fighting to maintain this majority whenever the government decides it’s time for the public to have our say on who’s in charge.

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