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Abbeydale Brewery: The Online Shop

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Abbeydale Brewery is a local treasure for many of Sheffield's drinkers. We never need an excuse to enjoy a pint of the highly-decorated Moonshine or a can of one of their more crafty concoctions, which, it should be mentioned, have recently won five awards at the Global Beer Competition 2018. But sometimes it's too much of a stretch to get your hands on their wares.

Thankfully the brewery has got us covered. For the first time in their twenty two-year history, Abbeydale are selling canned beer directly to the consumer, so we can now stock our fridges to the brim with our favourite ales to enjoy amidst homely comforts. And with Christmas just around the corner, they're perfect for taking to festive gatherings or giving as gifts.

The online shop currently offers tasty double IPAs Deliverance #1 and #2, Salvation Rocky Road Stout and Espresso Martini Stout, session IPA Serenity #5, Unbeliever #6 dry-hopped lemon & lime sour IPA, and many others. You'll also find Now Then's 10th birthday beer, Citizen, available to buy too. It's a sumptuous vegan oatshake NEIPA, full of super silky deliciousness and is very drinkable indeed.

The full range is available to buy on their website as a pack of six or a case of twenty four. If eclectic flavours are what you're seeking, mix and match your way up to a case. And for the most avid Abbeydale fans among us, merchandise is also available to buy on the shop, with a range of t-shirts, hoodies and notebooks externalising our internal love for their famed tipples. It's important to remember: we are what we drink.

Visit the online shop here:

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