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£280,000 announced for Sheffield’s cultural and creative industries

Funding will support individuals and organisations working across sectors in the city, with a focus on film, performing arts, writing and publishing, and live music.

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Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash.

£280,000 of funding will come to cultural and creative industries in Sheffield as part of a programme that supports the sector’s contribution to recovery and renewal, it was announced this week.

The funding comes from central government via South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis and is part of a wider pot of £1 million for the region.

£120,000 will be added to the existing Freelance Fund, initiated by Sheffield Culture Consortium and managed by Sheffield Museums and Site Gallery, to support 75 individuals and 5 organisational collaborations.

The remaining £160,000 will be divided across film, performing arts, writing and publishing, and live music, with each pot managed by a different local institution.

Sensoria Festival will offer small grants for film productions and events, as well as related marketing and audience development, with a focus on diversity in film. Theatre Deli will distribute £20,000 to Sheffield-based performance companies and artists impacted by coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns.

Off The Shelf, in collaboration with And Other Stories and The Poetry Business, will support the development of writers and poets, while The Leadmill will oversee Sheffield Winter Music Trails, “a series of free and diverse music trails for the public” including 19 venues in the city.

Mayor Dan Jarvis said: “If supported and nurtured, the creative industries can help drive growth in our region and realise untapped potential.

“Culture adds colour to people’s lives and I hope this funding will help make our region a great place to live, study, work, visit and invest in.”

A report produced by consultants ChamberlainWalker on behalf of the Mayor’s office recently found that, alongside significant direct economic contributions, Culture, Arts and Heritage activities in South Yorkshire have wellbeing benefits for residents which can be valued at £1.2 billion per year. They also contribute to savings of “£10 million or more” for the NHS, the report states.

A University of Sheffield study published last year estimated that the cultural and creative industries in Sheffield experienced an economic “output loss” of 22% due to the impact of coronavirus, 5% more than the UK average.

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