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Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol 2)

Evolving from their eight-minute track ‘Weightless’, originally created upon request for the British Academy Of Sound Therapy, Marconi Union have provided another beautiful, tranquil piece of music that is guaranteed to make the hairs on your arm stand up, but also calm you down in the most stressful situations of your everyday life.

‘Weightless’ gained worldwide praise and even managed to breach TIME magazine’s Top 50 Inventions Of The Year, so it is no wonder that they have extended this hypnotic, harmonious piece into a full length album. The perfect balance between electronics, percussion and instrumentation creates such a perfect space-age feel that you can imagine yourself floating about up there in mankind’s final frontier. When listening to the album you feel a great sense of infinity, which is exactly what you would expect from a piece of music created to lower blood pressure and slow your heart rate.

Some tracks, or sections, are definitely more upbeat than others, such as ‘Part2’ and ‘Part5’, where you hear more of a clear, constant beat on the cymbals. The album takes you through a series of rises and falls, building and receding, ending with a single note. There are no bad words that could ever be said about this release. It is peaceful and subtle, with enough silence to separate your mind from the hustle and bustle of life on earth. This is possibly the greatest piece of ambient music I have ever encountered.