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We Don’t Tell Lies… We Just Keep Secrets

2014 is definitely the year for Dead English Gentlemen, a charming rock trio from Sunny Sheffield. With the new line-up now firmly established, the boys have teamed up with local label Jammed Together Records to create their first killer EP as a complete work. After hearing about the insane reception they received at their St. Patrick’s Day gig this year, I’ve been eagerly waiting to get my hands on this gem.

Nothing says summer like catchy pop punk tunes, perfect for turning up to full volume while you soak up the sun. ‘Roulette Bears’ has already found a place in my heart and my summer playlist. Ticking every box for an album opener, it’s absolutely guaranteed to get you singing along by your third listen. Vocals from Rob Burras perfectly complement the instrumentals, the seamless missing piece to the Hall brothers’ band jigsaw. Skipping on to track 3, we get perhaps the most accessible track of the record, featuring some attractive off-beat drum patterns and more intricate guitar riffs. We’re treated a purely instrumental track, ‘Alan Arthur’, a refreshing change for a 6-track which also holds true to their roots, since their first EP didn’t feature vocals.

The boys are hosting an album launch at Plug on 6 June, so grab your tickets quickly and get yourself down to see these tracks played loud and live in all their gritty glory.

by Tasha Franek (she/her)